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Tools for Analysis


Core Facilities

  • CHRI Histology Core Facility
  • London Regional Bioinformatics Core Facility
  • London Regional Genomics Centre
    The facility provides services on a fee-for-service/cost recovery basis and offers Affymetrix GeneChip technologies, spotted microarray services and data analysis software.
  • London Regional Imaging Core Facility
  • London Regional Innovarium
    This facility has Registered Veterinary Technicians/CALAS Registered Technicians on staff working under a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures. The facility offers a wide range of services including blood sampling, inbreeding and outbreeding strategy guidance and lineage tracking.
  • London Regional Proteomics Core Facility
    Six core facilities provide service and instrumentation. The facilities work cooperatively to fulfill research needs in the area of proteomics, protein structure and protein function.
  • London Regional Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core Facility
    Provides services to generate genetically modified mice through pronuclear injection and gene targeting in ES cells.  For London-based researchers, the facility also rederive and cryopreserve lines for distribution. 

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