Our research is aimed at finding cures for children with diseases through research and treatment. It is through the pursuit of this goal that we take every opportunity to create new knowledge that will improve the health of children throughout Canada and around the world.

We use precise, scientific methods and studies to to learn more about childhood illnesses and conditions. Research helps us develop and improve treatments. Research may answer questions about how well a drug works, which new procedures, medical tests, or treatments may help patients, or help us understand the molecular basis of childhood disorders so we can gain a greater understanding of normal brain development and work towards developing therapies. We are also interested improving the quality of life for children living with chronic illnesses and their families. As many more children are living longer with chronic illnesses, it is important that we focus not only on length of life but also on its quality.

How our research helps children

Quality of Life Some children and their families live with chronic illness all day, every day. For many children, quality of life is related to how much hair they lose during cancer treatment, being ostracized at school after an epileptic seizure or their level of disability following a traumatic brain injury. Our goal at Children’s Health Research Institute is to find new ways to make their lives better.

Childhood Obesity Because of obesity, children today may not live as long as their parents. Our goal, is to implement research and interventions at Children's Hospital and Children’s Health Research Institute, that go beyond diet and exercise to address the underlying causes of obesity.

Epigenetics There is still a lot to learn about childhood illnesses. We are helping unravel the mysteries of childhood genetic disorders, such as low birth weight, developmental disabilities and childhood cancers.

Translational Research Centre This is the first of its kind in Canada. This research centre will help shorten the time frame from scientific discovery to direct application on specific clinical problems. The Translational Research Centre at Children's Health Research Institute is making the difference in ensuring every discovery at the bench makes it to a child's bedside faster.

To learn more about our researchers and how they are helping children, visit our Researcher Directory.