Important gift from Fisher Scientific

The newly established Translational Research Centre (TRC) at Children’s Health Research Institute recently benefited from an amazing $20,000 donation made by Fisher Scientific, becoming the very first company to give to the TRC.

"Fisher Scientific recognizes the importance of driving advancements in the area of children's health research,” says Dave Ruse, Regional Manager, Fisher Scientific Canada. “We look for ways to support initiatives and projects that will make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

The services offered by the Translational Research Centre, will ultimately serve to shorten the time from scientific discovery to clinical application in the area of children's health. A partnership program has also been established that will see Fisher Scientific offering ongoing support and sponsorship of various research-related activities at CHRI.

We are very grateful to Fisher Scientific. Thanks to their generosity, CHRI can continue to provide world-class research into the causes, cures and prevention of childhood illness and diseases. Thank you!